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The Done-For-You Co-Authored eBook / Authored Book
Jason & Erika Miller
Marketing Experts, Traffic Experts, Authors, Coaches, Mentors and Military Veterans
Founders: The Done-For-You Co-Authored eBook Program

Jason and Erika Miller pride themselves in serving the marketing community by providing quality content, advice, tips and strategies to business owners. Jason and Erika are also huge supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project and many other organizations.
Gain Instant Credibility by Co-Authoring on One of Our eBooks or Authored Hard Copy Books
"Nothing Positions You As a Leader Better Than Your Own eBook or Book"!
Position Yourself As a Leader And Expert Right Beside Us! Gain Instant Credibility By Co-Authoring a eBook or Book With Us Today!
Ebooks and Hard Copy Books Are One Of The Most Powerful “Positioning Tools” On the Planet And Can Make Selling Other Programs Virtually Effortless!
From the desk of Jason and Erika Miller

Dear Friend,

When you combine a well-written eBook or Physical Book with a proven sales funnel it can be the foundation for a massively successful business. Now, pay attention because this will likely be the most important page you read this year!

There’s just one problem with all of this: How do you write an eBook or publish a hard copy book and establish credibility when you’re new? It’s nearly impossible, but there is ONE way. You can “borrow” credibility by co-authoring an eBook or hard copy book with trusted experts. That’s what We're offering you here today.

We will co-author an eBook or hard copy book with you AND send it to you within 7 business days of completion!

This gives you one of the most powerful tools on the planet for bringing in floods of new customers.

Now let us tell you who we are and why you would want to listen to us!

We both come from a military background of service to our country and we had a vision for a better quality of life after military service. A quality of life that aligned with what both of us wanted for the future; having the freedom to live in any desired location of our choice, more time to travel, and most importantly, to start a family and be able to raise our children, not daycares and babysitters.

So we had to make a decision on where we were going…

The long hours, constant military moves, deployments, and the typical stressors that burden many military families were really the catapult that launched us into our research on how to build and sustain a profitable online home-based business.

Through commitment, consistency we have achieved our ultimate goal. We have absolutely no stress for what the future holds, because as long as we have an internet connection, our business can be operated lucratively anywhere in the world.

We are extremely passionate about sharing our story to those that desire a higher quality of life and personal and financial freedom. Becoming the CEO of your own life is the ultimate personal growth and success story, and helping others realize that through creative entrepreneurship opportunities is why we are here.

Just to give you a little more background information on us and our journey! 

We both come from military/government serviced-based careers. Erika is a military veteran and spouse with two Masters degrees. As a military spouse, the stress of having a professional career and not just working job-to-job became increasingly difficult when the economy tanked in 2008. It took her almost four years to bounce back and during these tough times she knew there had to be a better way than simply being chained to this government work system she worked so hard to be a part of.

Jason’s 20+ years of military experience, ironically, brought him to where he is today; a leader, expert, and trainer in the internet marketing industry. He spends much of his free time as a dedicated coach where he helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs get started. Jason describes himself as a “self-taught, got my degree from the school of YouTube” kind of marketer. Proving that anyone can succeed in business.

Then.... We wrote our first eBook.... And wow did that change the game! Instead of providing recycled "Garbage" we buckled down over the course of 6 months and wrote our first eBook. From there we have written many other eBooks and published 4 hardcopy books. This has simply changed the course of our business in a big way! This is what we are offering you! The opportunity to skip all the learning curve and have instant access and credibility built "For You"

Don’t Be Scared By the Word “Co-Author” Because…We Do 99% of the Writing For You & Help You With The Other 1%
After you provide us with some basic info and bio, we’ll get to work and have your custom eBook done in about 7 business days. It takes about 4 weeks for a hard copy book.

In about a week, it will be ready for you to start using in your marketing. The eBook title is Strategies To Profits.

The published hard cover book "Option" will be titled over a phone call with you. We will decide together what the title of the book will be. This book will be available in Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

You’ll be able to start driving traffic to your capture pages, and bringing in customers right away from your offers with this powerful eBook lead magnet.

When those customers read your version of your co-authored eBook or printed book they’ll view YOU as an authority and expert, increasing your credibility with your leads.

On top of that, YOUR EBOOK or PRINTED BOOK will “lay the foundation” for your business and help increase your customer base!
This is for a LIMITED number of people!
When we co-author an eBook or physical print book with you, you’re getting the highest possible endorsement from us. For that reason, we have to be very careful whom we work with.

We would never do this with anyone and you must be credible and ethical. Also, there will be a cap on the number of people we do this with so you have something truly unique.

If you are interested in this opportunity thus far than keep on reading!
Here Are Your Options For Creating Your Own eBook or Printed Book For Your Online Business!
Option 1:  Become a Self Published Author in Your Field!

Your time cost:  very high
Your financial cost:  even higher

This is a route that many entrepreneurs try to take. They try to create their own product as a self published author with little or no authority in the field.

That’s ok if you can afford to invest the time and money into promoting yourself and getting your name out there. But how long do you think this will take? 

As a matter of fact, you will poor thousands of dollars into marketing your own brand and brand name which may result in zero return!

It’s no wonder so many people give up on their hopes and dreams of a successful online business.

Option 2:  Hire a Ghost Writer to do it for you !

Your time cost:  moderatly low
Your financial cost:  very high

There are many of companies out there that will "Ghost Write" a book for you and "Dub" you as the author. 

Here is the problem with this concept... It's simply not affordable. Could you imagine spending up to 10-15k for an eBook or up to $30K for a Published Printed Book? Plus you still have to provide the overall concept! 

It's simply not affordable and will take you years to get a solid return on your investment from this eBook or Printed Book. It's a option if you just have that kind of cash laying around but why use it so irresponsibly when you don't need to!
Neither Of These Options Sound Very Appealing Do They?
Until recently, these were just about the only two choices you had available to you if you wanted to become an online authority. You either had to do all the work yourself, or trust someone with dubious credentials to grow your business.

However; for a limited time we want to offer you a third option which will save you a ton of both time and money:
Option 3: Work With Us And Use Our Established Authority As a Co-Author!
• Time cost:  very Low (We get you up and running fast)!
• Financial cost:  very low (No “GURU” prices of $25K-$30K)

Here's how you can finally get your online business up and running or to the next level of sales without wasting money. Or giving your hard earned dollars to "GURUs" that don't earn their keep. 

There are many "GURUs" out there that will gladly jerk 30K out of your pocket to do the same thing we are doing.... We are simply AGAINST the "GURU" pricing model!
Imagine Being Able To Finally Generate Profit To Your Online Business On Demand! Day And Night...
This is for YOU if:

• You're sick and tired of overpaying for "GURU" services like this one

• You're overwhelmed and have no idea where to start in the process of creating your own product

• You want to replace your current income with a full-time online business but haven't quite gotten there yet

• You're actually getting sales but your missing an ingredient that will take it to the next level for you 

We’re going to keep things simple here. You know that you need a powerful product that gives you the authority boost in your marketing strategy. But getting that authority is easier said than done.
You're In Luck - We Can Short-Cut The Entire Process and Do 99% of The Work For-You, And We Can Do It Fast!
Are you having these problems in your marketing strategy?

• Opt-ins to your list: Difficulty turning clicks into subscribers

• Conversions: Difficulty turning subscribers into paying customers

• No consistency? Allow us the opportunity to launch your name into the stratosphere with a co-authored eBook or print book that will continue to provide you with visitors and paychecks on an ongoing basis
We Will NOT Break The Bank With Over Hyped “GURU” Prices That Will Under Deliver Time And Time Again!
Remember, this is an investment, not an expense. In business, expenses are things like office equipment, bills, and wages. We won’t break the bank like a big “GURU.” Most of the “GURUs” out there don't even practice what they preach!

But money spent on marketing "Tools" are an investment because you should expect a return on your money. Some online business owners spend quite a lot of money on their marketing tool kit because it makes them even more in return. (See Earnings Disclaimer)

In your case: If you're not really making the sales you want to make we will make it a priority to fix that situation. We'll work hard and fast to get your first Co-Authored Done-For-You eBook or printed book complete to help you scale your business from your current numbers.

We thought long and hard about the pricing for this because those who need this most are often the ones who can afford it least.

With us in your corner boosting YOUR authority, you will be able to get a potential fast and sizable return on your money once you implement this into your strategy. (See Earnings Disclaimer)

Therefore, if we priced this opportunity at $10,000 or even $15,000, it would be a wise investment and still cheaper than the “GURU” price.

But we’re not asking anywhere near that much. It's not even going to cost you $5,000, even though this price would be doubling your money!

To make this invaluable marketing tool extremely accessible to everyone, we've kept the investment very low at $3,997 to co-author our eBook and $9,997.00 to co-author on a published book that will be featured in Barnes and Noble, Amazon and all world-wide book sellers . You would pay at least $10K for the eBook and upwards of $30K for a published book with any of the Guru's.

That's CRAZY!!!!

..... And... If you purchase the co-authored published book, we will throw in the eBook version of it for FREE!!! + we will also give you the other co-authored eBook for free. This is a $5000 savings!
Here's What We Want You To Do Now...
Click the blue button to claim your newly minted eBook or Published Hard Copy Book "Featured In Barnes and Noble". We'll reach out to you to schedule your first appointment within 24-36 hours to gather the required data from you!
It's up to you! Is 15 minutes of your time and a few dollars’ worth trading for the authority you need in your marketing strategy to produce sales for a lifetime?
Reserve your spot with us right now. We'll deliver you a marketing tool that will help you launch your marketing to the next level.

So now that you’ve heard our story, what we can do to help you and how we got to where we are, we challenge you to start writing down what it is that you want in your life and if you have a family, what you want for them. We can tell you there is no greater happiness than the freedom to have personal and professional choices when money is not an object. 

Don’t chase the money. The money will come. Chase what it is you’re passionate about because when you do that you give yourself a purpose, and when passion and purpose collide you are your most powerful self.

As a final thought, a good friend of ours once said, “get paid for your own personal value, not for doing things.” In other words, society, more specifically, the school systems tell us we have to work for someone else and get paid to do things if we want to be successful. This is old world thinking! We are not human-doings, we are human-beings, so why not create the life you want and simultaneously get paid to live it.

The key ingredient you are missing right now is positioning yourself as a leader in the industry! We got you covered!!!! We will give you the instant positioning that you need with a Co-Authored eBook or published hard copy book today!

Warm regards,
Jason and Erika Miller

P.S. If you've got a million strategies but don't know how to get started you need to read this entire page if you haven't done so already. Then, act on its advice.

P.P.S. And if you're already doing business online but can't quite make the transition to the next level - we're a perfect fit for you.

P.P.P.S. We are real entrepreneurs who are currently successful in this industry. We’re not "armchair experts" who only know the theory. We are actually doing it every day in our own online business!
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