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Passionate Business Owners and World Class Business Leaders and Mentors.
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From the Desk of Jason and Erika Miller
Written on March 18th, 2018
Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit of us and our story!

Who We Are:

Business Experts, Marketing Experts, Advertising Experts, Authors, Coaches, Mentors and Military Veterans

Founders: Limitless Venture Group and the 7 Mentors "Results Based Coaching Program"

Jason and Erika Miller are serial entrepreneurs, business experts, marketing experts and customer acquisition specialist that have been in some form of business since 2000. They are industry leaders, public speakers and have tons of passion to help other entrepreneurs, CEO's and small business owners succeed. They have mentored thousands of people over three decades, some of those have gone on to become extremely successful business owners. They have a vast portfolio of clients that range from a NBA All-Star to a General Contracting building Company and about every variation in between.

Their focus is helping business owners set up their strategy for the best potential results. They retired from the U.S. Military and give much of of their time to supporting wounded warriors (As a wounded warriors themselves) and their transition into civilian life and entrepreneurship.

Jason is a 4 time published author in the business niche and is extremely passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs and business owners succeed and scale their companies to new levels of success.

Jason and Erika are huge advocates for mentorship. They have been mentored by some of the leading business minds in the world (Most Notable; Kevin Harrington "Shark Tank") and are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you. They credit mentorship by other leaders to be the catapult that took them from point A to point Z in their business.

Jason and Erika have assembled a team of 7 like minded entrepreneurs that are highly successful CEO's / business owners to help you grow and scale your business on a "Results Basis". If we can't help you grow... You simply don't pay us!! Cut and Dry!

We have been in business since 2000 however, we started our journey helping other business owners over 5 years ago and what a rewarding journey it has been.

Keep this small phrase in your back pocket, "little changes can turn into BIG Results".

Hope to see you in our "Results Driven" program really soon!!

Jason and Erika Miller

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